quarta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2009

Wrap-UP on 10a IHRSA Latin America

Thanks for all the people present at my speech in 10a IHRSA Latin America. I had so much fun speaking on service design and moderating the Branding Workshop with my dear friend and renowned architect Patricia Totaro.

At the event we had the opportunity do discuss some key themes that forms the basis of an innovation strategy. In between those themes: Understand the basis of the Pyramid, Digital Brands, Digital Communities, Service Design, Branding, Brasil economic perspectives (remarkable presentation by my friend, host of the television show Manhattan Connection and renown economist Ricardo Amorim) and other issues really relevant for the Wellness Entrepreneur.

I am twice satisfied. First for having the opportunity to coordinate the conference program along with IHRSA/ Fitness Brasil team. Second, because of the success that the Microsoft project "MyGym" had at it's launch on the same event. More info on this project you can find in a earlier post in this blog.

The Fitness sector occupies a bright spot in the wellness industry and definitely it needs to take-over this position, reinventing itself to move from being an attachment to being part of people's lives.

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